CHORO-KAN (Morning Dew Museum)

CHORO-KAN (Morning Dew Museum)

(SEKIYA Kohjin Ceramic Panel Museum for Peace)
@MASHIKO (TOCHIGI Pref.) ~Voices of Voiceless People~

DVD of CHORO-KAN(5 min, in English) is completed on this You Tube.


CHORO-KAN, also known as SEKIYA Kohjin Ceramic Panel Museum for Peace, is located at MASHIKO Ceramic Art Village (10 minutes on foot from the center). It stands in a calm place surrounded by rice fields and forest near HAMADA Shoji’s MASHIKO SANKO-KAN. If you have an interest in ceramic art, we hope you visit and experience the world of Mr. SEKIYA Kohjin. We are sure you will find yourself thinking deeply about war, peace and life.

The renovated CHORO-KAN opened on 1 April 2015, by support groups in MASHIKO and TOKYO. Newsletters are published twice a year, and a DVD video (about 30 min) was made by NAGATA Seminar students of MUSASHI Univ. Three photo albums of his works were published and TOH (Mourning) compilation was published at the end of November 2016. Mr. SEKIYA Kohjin and his wife Ms. ISHIKAWA Itsuko joined the Japanese Citizens’ Network of Museum for Peace and attended a national conference at the Auschwitz Peace Museum (Shirakawa, FUKUSHIMA Pref.) on 29-30 October 2016.CHORO-KAN is presented in newsletter #17 of INMP (International Network of Museum for Peace) at the end of December 2016.

Please refer to our website Korean and Chinese are also available in a PDF file.

Open Season Spring (Apr-Jun) & Autumn (Sep-Nov)
Open Day  Fri, Sat & Sun
Open Hour 12-16pm
Fee Adults - 500 Yen
High School & University Students - 200 Yen
Jr High School Students and younger - Free

If you would like to visit outside normal hours, please contact us.


You can get to CHORO-KAN by car, by train or by bus- KANTO Yakimono Liner leaving AKIHABARA, Tokyo every morning.
The bus arrives at the Ceramic Art Messe, about 10 minutesaway on foot.

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Something I want to tell
Something I have to tell
For dead people never come back

Floor Guide / 1F

KOREA Halla-san by Mr. KIM Myung-Sikon the armed uprising on Cheju Island on April 3, 1948. CHORO means “morning dew” in his poem.
Poem by Mr. YunDong-ju Prologue to Sky, Wind, Star and Poem. He was a Korean poet who went to Japan in 1941, studied at Rikkyo University, Doshisha University and was arrested and imprisoned in Fukuoka, where he died on 16 February, 1945 at the age of 27. Poem by Ms. NAGASAWA Nobuko Quo Vadis? (Where are you going?)by Mr. OHARA Miyao
MIDDLE EAST Palestine -Intifada (uprising)
Iraq - DU (Depleted Uranium)
CHERNOBYL A prayer for Chernobyl by Ms. Svetlana Alexievich, thewinner of Nobel Prize for Literature in 2015
FUKUSHIMA Name of the towns victimized by the Nuclear Power Plants Disaster in 2011

Floor Guide / 2F

HIROSHIMA & NAGASAKI Poem by Ms. SYODA Shinoe(given by Ms.
TSUKIO Sugako), Ms. SAEKI Toshiko and Ms. ISHIKAWA Itsuko
Victims of the Asia-PacificWar Did you go to CHIDORIGAFUCHI?
by Ms. ISHIKAWA Itsuko (his partner, poet for peace)
AUSCHWITZ SHOAH by Mr. Claude Lanzmann
(translated into Japanese by Mr. TAKAHASH Taketomo)
CHINA WANRENKENG (Wànrénkēng) - Many Chinese wereforced to work in the HANAOKA mine (Ohdate, AKITA Pref.) and elsewhere. At HANAOKA, the victims protested and many were killed by the military police and so forth. A memorial service is held every year.
OKINAWA Poem of Yuuko Toubaru.

Profile of Mr. SEKIYA Kohjin

1932 born in Tokyo   55 graduate from Waseda Univ, become teacher
1966  cleaning 81 to Mashiko    88 open pottery    92 open CHORO-KAN
2003 photobook TOH (Mourning)    Exhibition at Maruki Gallery of Hiroshima Panel
2008 photobook TOH (Mourning) II     10 Exhibition at Nankin Holocaust Museum
2012  Exhibition at Auschwitz Peace Museum at Shirakawa (FUKUSHIMA Pref.)
2013 photobook TOH (Mourning) III
2015  CHORO-KAN opened after renovation   Newsletter, DVD and Website
2016 photobook TOH (Mourning) compilation
2017 English guide added on this website

〒321-4217 栃木県芳賀郡益子町益子4117-3 TEL:0285-72-3899